Popcorn Time IOS App for iPhone, Mac, iPad Download

Popcorn Time IOS App for iPhone, Mac, iPad, iPod Download links are here. Get Popcorn time iOS app and install it on your iPhone, iPad and enjoy.

Popcorn Time IOS App

Popcorn Time is a third-party app which allows the user to download movies and series. It also has an integrated media player. It is the best free alternative for subscription-based Netflix. It is very efficient in what it does. It provides you a collection of torrent sites from where you can download the movie or television sitcom according to your needs. If you want a movie with the best quality you will select the torrent site with the highest storage value, if you are facing internet problems download smaller files. This flexibility of the app makes this the best app for this purpose.

popcorn time ios

This app was official until 2014, when it was directly counter attacking Netflix in all the fields. The MPAA forced the developers to bring down the app. From that point of time, Popcorn Time IOS app is been the third-party app. Basically, now Popcorn Time is a bit-torrent app with an enhanced UI but serves the similar purpose.

Is Popcorn Time IOS app Illegal?

Popcorn Time is a third-party app and it is not available on App Store on your IOS devices. It is illegal in some countries but not against the law in another. The developers of Popcorn Time IOS app are selling the app under the banner reading, “if it is banned in your country, use at your own risks”. But in India, it is illegal to download the copyrighted movies but you can stream the same copyrighted movie and break no law. So be cool about the fact that you are doing something punishable in the eyes of the law.

I am also using the app from 2015 and I haven’t faced any issues with it. I am still enjoying the movies and series on the app and you too can. Just stick through this article.

Is Popcorn Time IOS App safe?

Safety is also important when we consider online downloading. Popcorn Time is available on many websites but they can have viruses embedded with them. Downloading Popcorn Time from trusted websites is really important. This will not harm your computer. Other than this the app is completely safe and you can use it in any other device you wish to.

How to download Popcorn Time in your IOS iPhone, iPad and MacBook

Unfortunately, there is no version of Popcorn Time for IOS or your iPhone, but we will tell you to download the beta version of it and it will run smoothly as I also use the same version and I am having no issues with the app. Follow the steps to get the app:

  • Firstly, you have to go to your PC’s browser and got the website of Popcorn Time IOS app. Link given below.
  • Link: Popcorn Time Apk
  • Scroll down the screen and select IOS beta.
  • A dialog box will appear on the screen prompting you to download the app on your PC.
  • The installer is ready, get it to your iPhone and install it.
  • No problem, if your iPhone is synced to your MacBook. It will work fine.
  • Before installing the app make sure to have the latest version of iTunes and the device has granted permission to iTunes to access the device.
  • If you do not have used iTunes ever in your life, download it and link your device grant it permission.
  • After this open your Installer and connect your iPhone to it.
  • When the computer says unlock your iPhone and grant it permission that reads, I trust this device.
  • Again, when you are prompted, turn on the Airplane Mode of your phone. After this the installation will start.
  • Do not do anything while it is installing, it may take few minutes but have patience.
  • When the dialog box shows installed already, unlock your phone but do not disable the Airplane Mode.
  • Open Popcorn Time IOS for the first time, your phone will prompt saying Trust this app or Don’t trust this app.
  • After app is opened, disable the airplane mode.
  • The first time it wont work, do not panic at that moment.
  • Double tap on your home button and swipe up the app from your recent apps.
  • The next time you open the app, you will full access to the Popcorn Time library.

Till now this version is beta, so there might be some bugs and lags while using it. But, it won’t harm your device in any sense. SO, you do not need to worry.

If you are facing the problem with the app, while installing or downloading, Contact us. You can contact us by commenting down below or emailing us. You can find our email address on our homepage. We will try to reach to you as soon as possible and with the solution to your problems. Stay tuned for more articles like this…

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